Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arkham Horror Fan Creation League Rules

 General Rules
This is intended for people who have all the sets from Arkham Horror to Innsmouth (Arkham Horror, Curse of the Dark Pharoah, Dunwich Horror, The King in Yellow, Kingsport Horror, Black Goat of the Woods, and Innsmouth Horror).  It is possible to play missing some components, particularly by using Arkham Horror Wiki to create proxies when necessary, but it will be difficult.  Ideally all components but the Banned Materials will be used each scenario.

Custom Components will be found here:
And here:

Final Battles
Use the Clues per Seal rule (you can only use a number of clues during each round of final combat equal to the number of seals on the board) and the Remove Epic Battle Cards rule (remove 6 minus the number of seals on the board from the green Epic Battle card deck when the Ancient One awakens).  Custom Ancient Ones do not use the Epic Battles Deck.

Banned Material
Remove this from the decks or ignore it if it show up (treat it as if it weren't drawn): Call Ancient One.
Recommended Banning: Kingsport's board (except when stated otherwise for a few late scenarios), Mythos cards, Other World Encounters, and Kingsport's Kingsport encounters (Arkham Encounters are fine— if the train station encounter that causes movement to Kingsport is drawn, just treat it as a "Nothing happens" encounter).  If you do decide to use them, do *not* use the Thomas Olney Rope and Anchor exploit.

Bank Loans
If a team of investigators has more than four investigators (before counting expansion boards), investigators with bank loans can not trade away items or money even though they can still receive them.  They can however trade items or money freely with other investigators with bank loans.  Items held by investigators with bank loans also can be traded for by giving an item with equal or greater monetary value, or a spell for a spell. 

Nightgaunt &Find Gate
If an investigator goes to another world by failing combat with a nightgaunt, the investigator can NOT use find gate that turn.

Miscellaneous Comments
If you have any questions or comments about scenarios or strategy, visit the  FFG Arkham Horror forum:

Blogspot is a little glitchy, so please excuse occasional formatting problems.  

Scenarios 1-5
The investigator pool from which you may select investigators is:

Sister Mary.
Amanda Sharpe.
Gloria Goldberg.
Carolyn Fern.
Dexter Drake.
Jacqueline Fine.
Diana Stanley.
Wendy Adams.
Norman Withers.
William Yorrick.
Zoey Samaras.

Up to four investigators who survive a scenario can carry one item (or skill) in their possession (this means a spell, skill, common item, or a unique item) to the next scenario, except an Elder Sign. This item must be exchanged with either a random or fixed possession of the same sort during the start of the next scenario. All other items and skills are discarded and redrawn.  Fixed items are not considered an item carry-over and can be replaced by carried over items.  Record the items you intend your investigators to carry over (if any) after you beat a scenario (ideally before seeing the next scenario).  An item carried over must replace a fixed or random item (before drawing it) on the investigator carrying it over.

Investigators can not be removed from an investigator team at the beginning of a new scenario without losing all their items (if the same investigators are redrawn later).  However, you can expand or contract your team size between scenarios, if you want (this sentence applies to all 24 scenarios).

If an investigator is devoured or retired, he or she can be replaced by any other investigator remaining within the investigator pool. The investigator pool refreshes at the beginning of each scenario (new copies of all the investigators are available again).  Do not recycle devoured or retired investigators within a game.  If you have too many investigators devoured in one game, you will lose. This paragraph applies to all 24 scenarios.

If a team of investigators is devoured, the same team or a new team can restart the scenario it is on with the items it carried over from the previous scenario (or a previous scenario without any previously obtained items).

If Dexter Drake passes his Personal Story, it remains passed between the scenarios.

Scenarios 6-12
The investigator pool from which you may select investigators is:

Sister Mary.
Amanda Sharpe.
Marie Lambeau.
Jenny Barnes.
"Skids" O'Toole.
Joe Diamond.
Roland Banks.
Tony Morgan.
Michael McGlen.
Finn Edwards.
Charlie Kane.

A team of investigators can carry over a total of four monster trophies between scenarios on one or multiple investigators.  Charlie Kane can carry over an ally (except for Professor Rice) instead of one of the trophies [if using revised Curse of the Dark Pharoah, you may choose to have him start with two random allies instead of one of your carry overs].  Do not carry over items as in scenarios 1-5.

Scenarios 13-16
The investigator pool from which you may select investigators is:

Sister Mary.
Amanda Sharpe.
Monterey Jack
Harvey Walters.
Ursula Downs.
Mandy Thompson.
Minh Thi Phan.
Lily Chen.
Luke Robinson.
Darrell Simmons.
Ashcan Pete.

Ashcan Pete can not purchase The King in Yellow or Eltdown Shards if he draws from the bottom of the deck.

Up to four investigators may carry up to one exhibit item and one monster trophy between scenarios.  If a team has less than four exhibit items at the start of a scenario, one investigator without an exhibit item may randomly draw one.  Do not carry over other items.

Scenarios 17-24
The investigator pool from which you may select investigators is:

Sister Mary.
Amanda Sharpe.
Harvey Walters.
Ursula Downs.
Gloria Goldberg.
Michael McGlen.
Jenny Barnes.
Norman Withers.

Sister Mary may carry over a gate trophy and a non-Cultist monster trophy between scenarios if she has any.  

Up to four investigators may carry over one item (a common item, non-Elder Sign unique item, or spell) to replace one of their random items of the same item type.  NOTE: unlike in scenarios 1-5, skills can not be carried over, and fixed possessions can not be replaced with a carry over item.

These scenarios will have expanded investigator pools.  This means that they will list additional investigators not on this list that they will allow (or force) you to select.


  1. Have you created Epic Battle cards for the Custom Ancient Ones?

  2. No. None of the Custom Ancient Ones will use The Epic Battles Deck.

  3. Thank you Julia for the images, and for blazing your path of destruction :')

  4. What about Lurker and Miskatonic? Should they be used in the League?

  5. @Tapirus

    Well... You *could* add them if you want. This league was designed before they were released and you might have some significant balance issues as a result. Specifically with the new gates and the new Act cards.

    I would suggest that if you decide to use these expansions, you should not include the new gates, the new act cards, or the relationships. Anything else should be fine (although I am slightly concerned about the combat boosting spells in Lurker).

    I've redesigned the 4 Nyarlathotep scenarios so they will be able to be played with either original or revised Curse of the Dark Pharoah. (Yes, I know they're not all posted yet).

  6. Keep the Stuff going!! I love this scenarios!

  7. Don't worry, all the scenarios are written, and everything is planned out. It's just it takes me an hour or two to post each one (plus I have a bit of an arm injury right now). It'll all get posted :')

    I'm glad you're enjoying the scenarios.

  8. this looks interesting but your rules for item carry-over in Scen 1-5 are unclear. I think it means:

    Players are allowed to choose a different Investigator at the start of each Scenario, or keep the same one if he survived.

    All items and skills are discarded between Scenarios, except that

    up to four items, each taken from a different Investigator, may be carried over to the next Scenario, even if different Investigators are used. No more than one item may be assigned to any single Investigator in the upcoming Scenario.

    Only spells , skills, common items, or a unique items (except an Elder Sign) may be carried over. The item must be substituted for a random* or fixed possession of the same sort.


    Choose and record the carry-over items (if any), ideally before seeing the next scenario.

    "Fixed items are not considered an item carry-over and can be replaced by carried over items.  "

    "Items carried over must replace a random or fixed item on the investigator carrying them over."

  9. You're actually the first person to ask about the draw timing. But since you need an explicit answer, I'll add it. You need to replace items before drawing your random cards.

    The second sentence is to help prevent people from asking me about whether investigators who have fixed possessions can also take other items between scenarios. Fixed possessions do not count as carry-over items.

  10. I'm guessing that you are presuming that there are exactly 4 players? So each player can carry over one thing to the next scenario? What if there are 6 players?

    I gather that investigators "start over" in each scenario. If I choose to use the same one, it starts over (except for the 1 item I'm allowed to carry over). If I choose a different one, I can still carry over 1 item to the new investigator.

    I don't understand why you are using so many words to say what I just said. So I must be misunderstanding you. There are presumptions you are making which I am guessing at.

    Nice overall storyline. Is it actually playable all the way through? Seems to get very difficult to win.

  11. It's not that difficult for very advanced players which is who I designed it for, people who'd been playing for years, understand the underlying game structure, and wanted a challenge. For other players it can be extremely difficult or impossible. Casual gamers probably shouldn't try it, unless they want to handicap the difficulty which kind of defeats the point (they might as well just learn how to beat the regular game consistently first).

    "If a team of investigators has more than four investigators" would imply that I did not presume there are exactly 4 investigators. The reason the carry over items cap at four is because it is already an extremely powerful asset for people who are familiar with how to manipulate the game structure, and with 5-8 carried over items, the game would become ridiculously easy.

    I expected these scenarios to be played solo or with two people maximum controlling multiple investigators. I've never seen a larger team with the skill level to beat the scenarios.

    I don't know what you are saying in your second paragraph. But to try to clarify the point that I think you may be misunderstanding, you can only carry over one item for up to four investigators in scenario 1-5. The investigator must be alive at the end of the scenario and in possession of the item to carry it over. If you want to give the item to another investigator, you must trade it to the other investigator in the game before the game is over. You can't just pool all your items at the end of a game and decide who gets what. So no, if you choose a new investigator, it will not be able to get an item from the previous scenario. Please ask further questions in the Arkham Horror forum.