Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scenario Four

The Moonlight Plague

            Stabbed, shot, burnt, the Witch came back.  The Devil resurrected.  Her voice, the Tempter’s voice inside her head.  Forcing her to sin.  This time would be her death, they had her pinned to the ground, her spells exhausted.  Mary wanted to wretch at the sense of violation.

“No weapon can defeat me,” Hecate sneered.

            “No weapon?” asked Mary softly.  “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”  She grasped her throat and choked and choked until the witch’s spine snapped.  Silence.

            The dead jaw hung open and out dashed a rat with a human face, sinking its teeth into Mary’s flesh.  “I am not so easily banished, fleshdust,” it rasped and scurried away in the darkness.

            It seemed to grow to a monstrous size as it fled, but perhaps that was just a trick of he light on its shadow.  So many strange things had been seen, perhaps that was just one more.  Still, what might it portend?


            The fixed grin of Death was eager to bleed Arkham dry.  Eager to shred the flesh that dared to thwart his desires.  Death’s scythe slashed at the gate to Arkham, it widened.  Soon he could enter, and the dead would be heaped in the streets, in piles high like houses.  The Necronomicon sung to him, it bid him forth to destroy those who would try to bar the gates against The Darkness, its true master.


Mary opened her eyes, she had returned to the church.  Her skin burned.  “William!  William!  Stay away!”  Her body began twisting into deformity under the light of the moon and her mouth began to water.  Her shriek was met by howling.

Custom components can be found here:

Ancient One: Death
Herald: Lycanthropic Infestation
Required Investigators: Sister Mary and Wendy Adams.

Special Rules: Sister Mary begins the game with a Lycanthropy token.

Werewolves also deal their damage when moving out of spaces they share with investigators, and, when they move on a black crescent, they move like stalkers.

If a Werewolf (this includes investigators moving like werewolves) is on the same space as an investigator and its movement symbol is shown, it deals 4 damage to non-werewolf investigators.

If a Cultist would be put in the Outskirts, put it in the Woods instead 

Investigators do not make rolls to discard curses.  During Upkeep, the first player chooses two additional investigators, each rolls a die and is cursed on a one.

Start of game: Place a regular Cultist in South Church, Witch House, Uptown, and French Hill.  Place the Werewolf in The Woods.  For the first mythos card, ignore normal mythos movement— treat it as if it only has a black crescent in the mythos movement box.

Clarification: Werewolves do not damage each other (i.e. an investigator moving as a Werewolf will not be damaged by a Werewolf or damage other Werewolf investigators).

The Werewolf may not be removed from the board (including being placed in the Outskirts) by any means.

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