Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scenario Seven

City of Ice

            There’s no way none of that can be true.  That nut-case nun is stuffed with bunk and baloney.  But…  Some of it’s gotta be true…  Those damn maniacs in the woods.  That snakey thing.  Michael got them good!  But that’s it right?  We killed ‘em.  We’re done.  None of that bull about endless worlds.  Finn Edwards wasn’t born yesterday.  I ain’t nobody’s sucker, nobody’s fool.

Finn’s jaw dropped.

What the Hell?  A blizzard in a middle of a heat wave?  No way!  There’s no way…  It looks like it’s snowed for months.  I hope that bitch nun can’t read minds too.  …  Crap.

            It’s…  That’s not the wind, that’s somebody screaming.

            A towering white brute was dragging a person through the snow storm by the arms, leaving a trail of blood from his gnawed off legs.  It seemed to hear Finn.  Its ears twitched as it glared in his direction.  It bellowed out a challenge in a strange sounding tongue, then sat its massive bulk into the snow and continued to swallow down chunks of its victim from the bottom up as he screamingly begged and blubbered for mercy by death.

            Hmm…  I’m going to be smart…  Probably shouldn’t play the hero or somebody’s going to need to help me the same way that sucker wants help.  I want some real help.  None of that “please kill me” crap.  Where’s that damn nun when somebody actually wants her?

Custom components can be found here:

Ancient One: Ithaqua
Herald: Wendigo
Required Investigators: Finn Edwards

Special Rules:

Start of Game: Any Cultist monster trophies are discarded. Place a normal Cultist on Downtown Streets, Merchant District Streets, Rivertown Streets, and the Train Station.  These four Cultists are treated as stationary monsters and are not endless; other Cultists move normally and are endless.

Cultists do not count against the monster limit.  If one would go to the outskirts, place it in The Woods instead.

If an investigator passes an evade check against a Cultist, they may immediately move to the nearest gate in the main board of Arkham.

Clarification: Investigators moving towards Cultists must end their movement when they reach a space next to a Cultist unless they started their movement there (in which case they only have one movement point).

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