Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scenario Nine

Worms Rising

            “Isabelle!  Oh God, Isabelle!”  Jenny wept.  Joe held her and tried to comfort her.  A cold comfort.  The Rat-things had gotten her.  Oh God…  They giggled as they gnawed, as she shrieked.  And she saw!  She saw from the cage....  Her sister dying again.  World after world.  Was there no respite?  How could the nun see such things and not doubt her faith?  Was she mad?  A fool?  A hypocrite?  What kind of God would allow such abominations to wreak such destruction?  The father of the things giggled as it died.  Far more sinister than that serpentine demon of ice.  Its perverse delight in malice chilled her bones though the world was finally warm again.  The witch…  Hecate.  Hecate was responsible for this.  She would have revenge.  Joe stroked her hair softly, but the hate did not leave her.  Her tears had dried as her heart burned with the warmth of rage.  And then the earth shook.

            Fire blazed in the streets.  Geysers of lava burnt rocket like through the sky.  Buildings began to burst into flame.  The ground shrieked and a deep fissure ran through the street, separating her and Joe.  A Cthonian like none she had ever seen seemed to grow into the sky.  She shouted to Joe to get his weapons— they’d need them— that they’d meet up later.  She half-heartedly prayed she was right.  Where God, where was the respite?


            Joe streaked to the station, wondering when he would find out the meaning of the strange tasks Carl Stanford was putting him to.  It was good money though.  Charlie told him he should stop.  But it was very good money.  The kind you don’t turn down.  It was definitely fishy though.  And Roland had told him some strange stories about fish.  Then there’s Tony, he’s also doing things for mysterious strangers.  Corpse collectors…  There was definitely another something going on in Arkham, but there wasn’t time to find out what. Not with the noises under his feet.  Not yet. 

The cases still weren’t coming together…  And something was following him beneath the ground, he was sure of it.  He needed to get back to the station.  What would it take to take out that thing looming over the town like a tower?  He hadn’t a clue, but he would.  He always got the answers.  Because he was Joe Diamond, he grinned, and he was that damn good.  And even if he wasn’t, he was sure he could find some dynamite somewhere.  The noises under his feet grew louder.  He ran faster.

Custom components can be found here:

Ancient One: Shudde M’ell
Herald: The Great Dark Worm
Required Investigators: Jenny Barnes, Joe Diamond

Special Rules:

Start of Game: Investigators must discard Cthonian and Lloigor trophies.  Place a crescent Cultist at Merchant District, Rivertown, Miskatonic University, and French Hill streets.  The fissure they emerged from prevents movement between Merchant District and Rivertown, or Miskatonic University and French Hill streets. Monsters do not move during the first mythos phase.

Investigators with injuries can not retire.

When Cthonians and Lloigors move, a roll of 5-6 causes each investigator in Arkham to roll a die before taking damage, investigators who roll a failure are reduced to zero stamina instead and draw an extra injury in addition to normal penalties for being knocked unconscious.

Cultists have Weapons Immunity, and Magical Resistance; Chthonians have Physical and Magical Resistance; Lloigors have +1 toughness.  They are endless Spawn monsters; move them from the Outskirts to The Black Cave instead.

Shudde M’ell has Weapon Immunity instead of Physical and Magical Resistance.

Clarification: Cthonians and Lloigors appear from failed checks after all aspects of the encounter or combat are resolved, even at locations investigators are relocated to e.g. Lost in Time and Space.


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