Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scenario Ten

Seeds of Corruption

“Mary, Mary!  Believe me, you have to believe me!  We need to stop them, now!   Now now now!  They want to wake the Thing in Dunwich!”

            The nun hissed spitefully.  “You saw it Marie?  You saw it with your witch-spawn vision?  Your witch blood?  Devil blood?  You think that’s a gift of God?  I think it’s a gift of Satan!  I think you’re just another witch watching for Hecate!”

            “Not true!  Not true!  I swear by my soul it’s not true!  I’ve never lied to any of you.  I knew you’d do this if I told the truth, but I told it anyway.  You believe everything you read in your book.  Like there’s only one kind of witch.  Like there’s only one kind of anything!  I swear, I want to save our world, just like everyone else here!  I’m not risking my life for anything else...”

            Disgusted and distrusting, Mary spat and stalked out of the room. 
The others seemed to agree.  Marie felt hostile stares all around her.  But they had listened.  Hadn’t they? And that was the important part.  Joe, Joe could do it.  Joe could go and stop them.  He…  he had to.


            The nun seethed in feverish rage.  The obscenity…  The filth.  The creature which claimed to be a God, a pornographic monstrosity, trading unspeakable sex for death and the chance (as if it were a gift!) to be mother or father to an abomination.

And Marie.  Marie was a witch.  She…  Was.  The Bible said to slay them, but…  But…  Didn’t Saul deal with the witch of Endor?  And…  Her protests sounded sincere.  But couldn’t the Devil lie with the voice of an angel?  Could she really not understand that she was in the thrall of Satan?  Could she still be saved? 

Mary steeled her heart and prayed, readying to exterminate all of Arkham’s abominations.  This time the woods would be cleansed of the foul demon worshipping sinners.  Perhaps God would lift the curse from this town after she let loose His wrath.  How many more trials could He send at them?  For what sin did they atone?

She felt…  Strange…  As if the Witch’s soul was clutching at her heart again.  This fury…  It could not be hers, could it?  She had worked so hard to purge herself of anger.  A deadly sin…  She prayed to God for grace, that the sin may not be rooted deep in her heart, that she might be forgiven, that it might be uprooted.  She might have to ask Marie for forgiveness as well.  But…  She felt anger rising again.  Something was wrong.  Something was corrupting her spirit again.  She felt it.  She knew it.  She prayed for strength against the temptations of Satan.  Could it be that to hate even Satan was a sin and a pathway to Hell?  But, was not God a God of wrath as well as love?

Custom components can be found here:

Ancient One: Shub Niggurath
Herald: The modified Black Goat of the Woods in the custom components album.
Required Investigators: Sister Mary, Marie Lambeau

Special Rules:

Start of Game: Investigators may begin the game at the Train Station instead of their normal locations.  Dark Young can not move during the first Mythos phase.  Regardless of the gate on the first Mythos card, it opens at Whatley Farm, and instead of the normal monsters that would emerge from it, place three crescent Cultists; this gate can never be closed or sealed.

Non-Dark Druid Cultists are now Dark Young, not Cultists.  They become exact copies of Dark Young except for retaining their movement symbols and Awareness. 

When the Doom track reaches six, place Dark Druid at the Woods.  It is an Endless Spawn monster and can not be removed from the board or taken as a trophy.  If it is defeated by a combat check, return it to the Woods.

Shub Niggurath gains magical resistance.


Always designate a location for monsters to place before they would go to the outskirts (if no gate is shown), if it is a Dark Young, place them there instead.  If a gate was shown, place them there.  Don’t take three corruptions for defeating Dark Young.

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