Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scenario Seventeen

Indomitable or Doomed?

            Harvey Walters began to speak, “All our efforts have been in vain, still the creature oozes through the cracks in reality towards all worlds.  We defend some of the worlds, but the true menace comes closer and closer, and we do not even know its name.  It is quite possible that this task serves no purpose.  That our struggles and investigations will end in failure.  I think that any who choose to quit should be allowed to do so…  Gloria?”

            “I feel the same…  But I will not quit until the end.  If we are destined to fail, at least we will die fighting.”


            “It hasn’t been proven that we have no chance, not at all, and unless you can verify this ridiculous theory with some facts instead of speculation, I’ll stick around.  This old man is no coward either.”


            “My sister is dead…  So horribly dead…  So many times…  Still, sometimes I see her alive…  And Joe is gone as well, except in memory…  I’ll fight for them.”

            “Ursula?  Are you going to finally prove that you’re a woman and back out?”

            “Did you really need to ask me this moronic question, you condescending dinosaur?”


            Mary was silent before responding, “God will bring us success in the end.  The demons of Hell can not prevail against him, no matter how horrid they seem.”


            “Are you saying I’m more chicken than the girls?”

            “Errr, no.”  Wisely, Harvey Walters ran out of the room.

            “Hello!  I’m still here!” Shouted Amanda.


The Arbiter’s lip curled.  They are like insects in a cage, fluttering against the glass, and they gasp to reach a candle on the other side…  Sickening creatures and their love of life.  Soon they shall be taught the value of oblivion.  But fools are too foolish to quit.  So few of them are capable of even realizing even an inkling of the true nature of the cosmos.  And that absurd nun, a fool among fools, still faithful to her silly dreams and hope.  Fate would crush her though.  It would crush them all.  Their doom was written in the stars.  The end draws near.  The Great Old Ones come.


Leo failed to protect the one he was so certain would save them all.  Patrice was so powerful.  So confident.  And one day she woke up and found her violin smashed.  The thing that hunted them…  It pulled her off the side of the ship soon after.  They heard her screaming throughout the night.  And then again and again in their nightmares.

            Ursula told him that he must forget, that in the worlds to come he would see worse, again and again.  But he could not forget, he would not forget.  No matter the pain of memory, he must keep it sharp, so that he could keep himself sharp and protect the others from such hideous fates.  The nun would not forget either.  She understood duty even if she called it faith.


Agnes hid in the darkness of the diner.  This little thing hunting her wasn’t nearly as bad. The thing that killed her before...  It sought her again.  This time, this thing, a mere minion, but enough to destroy her.  She remembered the beast itself, with its endless rows of teeth.    

No!  It saw her!  The creature rushed forward, tongue and teeth hanging from its once human face, and with desperate strength from the mists of her forgotten memories, Agnes opened a portal, pulling it through a gate to the other side of Arkham.  That noise?  Pain?  No…  Laughter…

I have been tricked to rip the gateways further… And now it comes. Now it will come in full… But we shall not be doomed today. Agnes slammed her smock to the floor, and her fist began to burn with a controlled flame. No, we shall not be doomed today, soon the hunter shall become the prey. 

Custom components can be found here:

Expanded Investigator Pool: Leo Anderson, Agnes Baker
Ancient One: Nka'ji Ara
Heralds: The Arbiter of Reality
Required Investigators: Agnes Baker

Special Rules:

Start of Game: the first monster to emerge from a gate is randomly selected Cultist.

Cultists are spawn stalkers (despite being in the monster cup).  If one would go to the Outskirts, place it at Silver Twilight Lodge instead.  If one enters a vortex, it has its regular effects then is moved to The Silver Twilight Lodge.  They are physically and magically immune, have a +0 combat rating, are immune to handcuffs and can only be returned to the cup by successful combat.   Investigators who fail a combat check against them are devoured.

When the Doom track reaches four and eight, place two Cultists on Agnes Baker's location each time, unless she is in an Other World or Lost in Time and Space (in which case she is devoured).  If she is in jail, place them on the next space she is in when she leaves jail.

When Agnes defeats a Cultist, it goes to The Silver Twilight Lodge instead of the cup.  For all investigators other than Agnes, Cultists are Nightmarish 3, have 2 toughness, and force an investigator who returns one to the cup to draw one madness immediately (without restoring sanity).

If an investigator is devoured add two more doom tokens to the doom track. If Agnes is devoured,  raise the doom track by an additional 1 and the terror track by 5.

If investigators in Arkham fail a horror check, treat it as though they simultaneously failed the combat check, and they are delayed.

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