Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scenario Nineteen

Reign of Madness

“Glurp…” Leo puked blood.

“I am sorry Leo,” said Agnes, “but you are a small sacrifice to make to seal this thing back inside the nun.” Her dagger dripped red as she stabbed his chest again and again. “As a leader you should understand the value of your sacrifice.”

Leo screamed, his fingers dug into his deepest wound, then his  body slowly pulled apart before exploding in a cloud of blood that formed a glowing mesh spinning around Yog-Sothoth. The God then twisted, shrunk, and shrieked. Innumerable baleful eyes turned to Agnes, and its entire body split open like a giant mouth. An enormous tongue bristling with teeth shot forth from its cavernous depth, impaled her head before she could scream, and grappled her body into its gaping maw. Then It vanished.

Convulsion wracked, Mary flopped around on the ground, her mouth foaming, infinity swarming around her. Yog-Sothoth was inside her again.  The witch as well.  And the world shifted.


Insane laughter and screaming in the clouds. Blood and bodies raining from the sky. Splattering in the street. When the raining corpses crushed pedestrians too foolish to stay indoors twice as many body parts would spray out, shattering through walls and windows. Sometimes the shrapnel of exploding flesh would even kill people barricaded indoors. Severed hands, legs, and fingers shooting forth and piercing screaming people’s torsos and faces was a gruesome sight.

And then there were the madmen garbed in yellow, screaming at the skies, praying, and laughing at the spectacle of terror around them. Echoing the thing they heard there, the thing that swooped down to consume them. They had seen the King in Yellow. They were… Its fans? “Hastur! Hastur! Hastur!” They cheered.

Lola remembered having that kind of fame. She had had that kind of fame? Hadn’t she?

“Move, idiot!” Mark heaved her into a wall then readied his flamethrower as a maniacally grinning man zoomed his automobile towards them.  The car split through the sea of flames.  The blast’s heat burnt out the tires. Luckily the car veered away from them. The driver’s remains oozed down across the house his car slammed into. Mark grasped his head. Did he use the flamethrower or the cocktail? He couldn’t remember. “No one calls me an idiot! I am Lola Hayes! I’m the one who told you about what’s really going on! I’m the one who saw it! The man in yellow told me in a dream, but I told him to go to hell! And you can go to hell too, you idiot! Who the hell are you, you damn nobody with your stupid heroics? You could have killed me! Let’s just find that damn nun. She’s the one everyone’s supposed to kill.”

Custom components can be found here:

Expanded Investigator Pool: Mark Harrigan, Lola Hayes
Ancient One: Hastur
Heralds:  Creature in the Cloud
Required Investigators:
Mark Harrigan, Lola Hayes 

Special Rules

Start of Game: Mark and Lola begin with one madness card, and the terror level begins at one (this does not trigger Heavenly Theater).  

Cultists are nightmarish 2. 

All yellow bordered monsters are nightmarish 3, are not counted against the monster limit, and if one appears in the outskirts, it is placed on the gate with the fewest monsters, first player's choice if a tie, then all investigators lose one sanity.

Whenever an investigator goes insane, raise the terror level by one.

No effects other than Mythos cards may move Servitor of the Outer Gods and Blue Watcher of the Pyramid can not be used against it.

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