Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scenario Twenty One

Conversions of the Sea 

Lola grinned with the thrill of victory. Blood dripped down her chin as she gorged on Mark’s eyeballs. “Don’t you see? It has a role for me! I’ve been cast in His play! I’m going be a star again! I just need to eat all the crazy people, and I’ll be His favorite!” She cackled insanely until Ursula shot her dead.

“Damn… What a waste…” said Michael. “But I always knew her nut was cracked. Even before the play. I’m glad she didn’t bump me off too. I thought we’d won… But It’s like we never get to really win. Sometimes I wish…”

“Don’t wish and don’t worry Michael,” said Ursula, “I know just the woman who will help us save the world.”

“You must, Ursula,” whispered Mary. “Events are out of control. This is all out of control. Something must be done… But I fear… I fear…”

“There’s nothing to worry about. I have this under control. We’ll win this war in the end. It is my belief that the alien life forms that we have battled fear us more than we fear them. Wait until you meet my librarian, you’ll see why, and she’ll teach you the true meaning of God’s wrath!”

They entered the library. “Daisy?” said Ursula, “We discussed this. We need you now, things are getting worse, and I have reason to believe that the end is near. But you have studied for so long, and I… Daisy?” Daisy had fallen asleep in her tome, her face was buried between the pages. “Daisy, wake up!” Ursula shook her shoulder then spun her around and saw that all the flesh of the front of her skull had been chewed off, but no blood was on the Necronomicon’s yellowing pages. Clipped to those pages was a note in Daisy’s meticulous handwriting. Ursula nervously rubbed the sides of her throat as she read.

When the Suns are dead and rotten,

And their dreams have been forgotten, 

The heralds of the true God drum, 

Destruction their instruments’ thrum, 

Azathoths’ daughters and sons. 

And the last Moon wears a darkened sneer 

Knowing that the end is near. 

The Unbirthing comes.


“So you want me to help?” George snarled. “I’m so glad you came to ask me at last. That’s right, don’t think I’m an idiot! I’ve paid to have you followed, and I already know a bit about what’s going on. And now that you’ve got no one left, you want my help, or my money? I don’t think you’re worth one cent! But sure, I’ll help. Just to show you that just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m worthless. And don’t think I’m giving you this money for free, you’re going to pay back every cent in the end, with interest!”

“Don’t worry,” said Jenny, “I’ll pay back every penny, you fat headed idiot.”

“Maybe your father’s money will.”

“You really have become a bitter old bastard, you son of a—”


Tommy waded through the water flooding the street, pushing through the winds and sheets of water that blew into his face. First those crazies killing all those people in the asylum, and now a flood in the middle of summer. I wonder if those rumors I heard about the nun building an army are true? Oh, now what the hell is that? Another one of those yellow eyed fish freaks… Squid? Octopus? Whatever. It’s some kind of seafood that’s better off on a plate. Better give Becky some more target practice. I wonder if those Innsmouth stories I heard are true… What kind of moron has sex with a fish monster? I can’t believe I have some relatives up there…


First the sea was lifted into the sky, and now the sky was falling… At least he could put his ship to good use. Leo had told him to come to Arkham if time passed and he stopped sending him news… And Silas had, but… It all seemed wrong, and right. And the dreams were growing more vivid and more beautiful. But they were still things of horror. Sometimes he could hardly bear to wake from them, and sometimes he could hardly bear to fall asleep, but he was starting to forget which should be the case… And the dreams were so strong here… So beautiful, but so wrong… He needed to go home… But was his home here, or the castle rising beneath the sea? 

Custom components can be found here:

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.

Expanded Investigator Pool: Tommy Muldoon, George Barnaby, Silas Marsh
Ancient One:
Herald: The Galaxy of R'lyeh
Required Investigators: Tommy Muldoon, George Barnaby, Silas Marsh

Special Rules:

Start of game:
A Deep One is placed on every Street in Kingsport.  The first R’lyeh Stack must be Hound of Tindalos, Colour Out of Space, Cthonian, Lloigor. Instead of normal Stack movement, this Stack moves on a black arrow every turn and after it moves, all monsters in the stack have their special movements activated (the Hound’s activates last), and they move together with the Hound. If the entire Stack is not defeated in a Movement Phase, return defeated monsters back to where they were. When this first Stack initially leaves R’lyeh, immediately form a random Stack on R’lyeh.

Stacks on R’lyeh ignore Silas Marsh. After the first turn, while in Arkham, Silas must spend his first two movement moving towards the nearest R’lyeh gate, these two movement automatically evade monsters.

Each Upkeep, the first player’s maximum sanity is reduced by 1.

Investigators who defeat an aquatic monster immediately draw two Innsmouth Look cards.  Aquatic monsters are treated like Spawn monsters (except they can be in the cup and return there if defeated), if one goes to the Outskirts, place it on Unvisited Isle instead.

When the doom track reaches 8, randomly draw one of Cthulhu’s Sinister Plot cards. If it is Unnatural Growth, the first player must fight Cthulhu as if in an encounter on a dual colored other world card (if victorious, search the unique item deck for an Elder Sign instead of sealing a gate). If it is not, Cthulhu’s listed attack takes place (this can not be prevented).

Cthulhu’s combat modifier is –8.

Clarification: Stacks can not be moved by any effects other than their own movement.  Monsters in stacks are not removed by the closing of gates.  Handcuffs can not be used against Cultists.

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