Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scenario Twenty Three

The Last Act Begins

Ursula remembered Tommy’s brave but terrible death… And the loss of Amanda and Silas. Their faces and their semblance of humanity had washed away, shriveled peeling flesh, mere masks that they had worn so long they forgot they had worn them. But now they dwelt in the castle in the sea. But for how long? She wondered if she’d even be able to recognize them if she ever saw them again...  But Barnaby on the other hand, good riddance to him!


“Get off me Michael!” shouted Rita.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

“I don’t want anything to do with your kind of people.”

“You're one to talk! Besides, I think we’d work good together.”

“Me work with a mobster? What kind of idiot do you think I am?”

“Well, you do have a big lip for a girl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know what it means.”

Rita hit him in the face.

“Wow… Nice sock. We definitely need you!”

“I already told you no. Now back off, slime!”

“No, not for my gang, to fight the monsters.”

“Wait, what? You know about them too?”

“Yeah, whadja think I was trying to tell you this whole time when you knocked my jaw off?”

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little tense. And I thought you were going to… It’s like the whole air has been buzzing ever since that play started. I know that whatever’s going on is coming from there.”


Those coins… They were so yellow… Bob had never seen anything like them. They still glowed in his memory. The mouths on them. They talked to him. They told him things… Strange things. And they told him there was something he had to see. He wasn’t really sure if he should trust talking coins though. Even if they were real gold.


Rex Murphy growled at his editor, “I can’t believe you’re making me write about this corn with all the other amazing stuff that’s happening all over these days.”

“I pay the bills, that means I give the assignments. And I’m telling you, you need to do a theatre review this week! Anyway, just listen to this snippet, it’s completely crazy!”


“The Clown turned his powdered face to the mirror. ‘If to be fair is to be beautiful," he said, ‘who can compare with me in my white mask?’

‘Who can compare with him in his white mask?’ I asked of Death beside me.

‘Who can compare with me?’ said Death, ‘for I am paler still.’

‘You are very beautiful,’ sighed the Clown, turning his powdered face from the mirror.”


Alone, Mary spasmed on the floor. As she thrashed around it seemed like everything was bending into countless things. Even her memories seemed to permute in endless variations. Had they negotiated with the creature, had it returned to its home in disgust or indifference, or had they fought it back? And now the yellow things come again, the monster resurrected... The Dragon, the Dragon flies, and the heavens do not expel it! Monstrosities and madness in the skies! And she died. O, she died, yet she lived, again and again! Which world was she on? Worlds? Was she really alive? Was she dead? Dying? Oh, the pain! The endless pain of infinite worlds in her head! 

The Arbiter smiled. She was nearly ripe. The last act had begun. And soon, as all things mortal perish, even the so-called immortals, death dies.

Custom components can be found here:

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.
Expanded Investigator Pool
: Rex Murphy, Rita Young, Bob Jenkins (also, Amanda can no longer be used).
Ancient One: Hastur
Heralds: The Phantom of Truth and The King in Yellow
Required Investigators: Sister Mary

Special Rules:

Start of game: The first monster to emerge from a gate must be a random cultist, rather than any random monster.

Cultists are not affected by the monster limit, if they go to the outskirts, put them in the sky instead.  They are endless, nightmarish 2, immune to handcuffs, can only be removed from the board by combat, have 5 toughness, a horror modifier of -5, a combat modifier of -5, and do 5 sanity and 5 stamina damage.  If there are no investigators in the streets, one cultist in the sky will move to the street nearest the investigator with the lowest sneak (first player's choice if there is a tie) and remains stationary as long as an investigator is in an adjacent location (not street).  If there is already a cultist trapping the investigator with the lowest sneak, and one or more cultists are in the sky, another cultist flies down to a different investigator with the next lowest sneak in the same way as the cultist described earlier.

At the beginning of each mythos phase (include the start of game) roll two dice (separately), on the first, a 1-2 makes  investigators in Arkham lose 1 sanity, on the second die, a 1-2 makes each investigator must lose an additional two sanity or reduce their maximum sanity and stamina by one.

Once the doom track reaches 2, at the end of each mythos phase, the first player must battle Hastur as if drawn in a dual color card; however, while epic battle cards are not used, Hastur's first attack is always a random Sinister Plot, and if the Last Straw is drawn, investigators to whom it may apply must roll a die, and on a failure, it applies to them as well.  If defeated by Hastur in this combat, the investigator draws a madness (that does not restore sanity) in addition to whatever consequences would normally take place for going unconscious or insane.  You gain no benefit from defeating him other than ending combat with him for that phase.

Investigators with madnesses can not be retired.

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