Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scenario Twenty Two


“It’s impossible!” shouted Professor Walters. “The Science Building is floating over the town! We need to stop what ever is causing it!”

“Don’t worry old man,” chuckled Norman, “Let’s just say I researched our circumstances a little more than you did on my travels, and I brought back a few alien toys.”

“Well why is it floating now!”

“Because it knows the flood is coming.”

“It just flooded!”

“No… That was just drizzle.”


“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!”

“Damn it,” said Jenny, “There’s a whole mob of them”

“I thought we killed them all,” said Ursula.

“Well, clearly not. And they’re in the middle of some sort of ritual. Oh!”

The ground beneath the Cultists rocketed into the air, and a great sea monster’s mouth arose from the pit and snapped them all down as they fell.

“At least they’re gone now. Wait, what’s that noise?”

“It sounds like water.” Jenny’s mouth dropped open in shock as it began exploding out of the earth as if it came from a fire hydrant the size of a skyscraper. The continually erupting geyser smashed down along with huge carapaced creatures that began scuttling through the streets in search of food. And something else emerged from the pit. If she could only get a little closer to describe it…

“Run, run!”


So much of the town was underwater now… Silas was comfortable with this

though. Water suited him well. As did the city beneath the waves. No. No. And how did that castle emerge from beneath the sea? Why did the names R’lyeh and Sarnath keep whispering in his ears? How were they related? And what were those strange unsatisfied hungers he began to feel in the sides of his throat? The voices kept telling him to return home, insisting that he must become king.


“Amanda,” murmured Mary from within her soaked habit, “I am cold.”

“So am I, sister.”

“No, I mean in my soul…”

“So am I, sister.”

Custom components can be found here:

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.
Expanded Investigator Pool: Tommy Muldoon, George Barnaby, Silas Marsh
Ancient One: Bokrug
Herald: Basatan
Required Investigators: Amanda Sharpe, Silas Marsh

Special Rules:

Start of game: All streets and unstable locations, 
except for The Science Building, are aquatic (even if they are sealed later).  All investigators have their maximum sanity and stamina reduced by one.  Place Shugeron on Unvisited Isle.  A random Cultist is always the a monster to emerge from the first gate.

Cultists are aquatic, endless, gain weapon immunity, and have a combat modifier of -6

Aquatic monsters are treated as spawn monsters (and if defeated in combat, return them to the cup).  If one is placed in the Outskirts, place it on Unvisited Isle instead.

Whenever investigators fail a combat check against a monster (including failed evasion), they must discard a trophy; if they have no trophies, they are devoured, and a random Being of Ib returns to Bokrug if any have been removed.

Shugeron is a stalker that moves twice whenever it moves instead of being an aquatic monster.  It does not count against the monster limit and can not be moved from its location or the board by any means (if something other than its movement would move or remove it, ignore it).  If it is defeated in combat, the investigator doing so may immediately move one space away from it.

Tsunamis: when the doom track reaches four, investigators in aquatic locations and streets must pass luck -3 checks or lose 3 stamina (anyone knocked unconscious by this draws an extra injury (do not restore stamina from it) in addition to normal penalties.  Each time there is a monster surge after this, this happens again.

If Silas, Amanda, or Tommy are devoured, add three doom to the doom track.

If there is an investigator in the Science Building during the Mythos phase, at the end of the phase, all monsters in the sky move to the Science Building. If there were no monsters in the sky to move at the end of the phase, draw a random flying monster from the cup and move it there.  Flying monsters do not count against the monster limit and if they are placed in the outskirts, immediately move them to the sky instead.

The Sinister Plot The Departure causes instant defeat instead of victory.

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