Monday, December 10, 2012

Bonus Content

Congratulations for completing, or reading through all this.  Here's some bonus content you may enjoy (a hard mode of the league, yes, I know, may be forthcoming eventually, 22 of the scenarios were redesigned).

A Nyarlathotep Variant:

The Demi-Gods

Drawing a mask will trigger various game effects, keep at least one copy of this sheet for reference during the game. You may want to mark on the sheet which masks are currently active for easier reference of their abilities and effects.

Masks can not be gained as trophies, if a game effect would have them be gained as trophies, return them to the cup instead. They can be returned to the cup as normal by the closing of gates.

Whenever an investigator is knocked unconscious, search the cup and place the first mask drawn on the location the investigator was (the Black Cave if in Another World), masks don’t count against the monster limit, and if they are placed in the outskirts they go to the Black Cave instead).
For the masks, “in play” means being permanently in play (not just temporarily appearing as the result of an encounter and not in the outskirts).

My True Glory: When Nyarlathotep awakens, he has weapon immunity instead of magical resistance, and rather than losing a clue, the penalty for failing a lore check against him is being devoured. With new Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, for investigators without an exhibit item, his combat rating is raised to -8. With old Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, unless investigators have two exhibit items between them, his combat rating is raised to -8.

Investigators not on gates carrying an exhibit item must roll a die during their Arkham Encounter or Other World Encounter phase and a random monster appears on him or her on a roll of 1-3. All monsters adjacent to investigators with exhibit items move as stalkers, and flying monsters consider unstable locations they are in as stable as well.

Suggested rule: If Curse of the Dark Pharoah is being used and the investigators do not collectively have two Exhibit Items when the doom track reaches nine, add two doom tokens to the doom track.

The 6th doom token causes you to search for a random mask and place it at the Miskatonic University streets).
11th Doom token (on a 13 doom Nyarlathotep) summons The Dark pharoah at Miskatonic University Streets (for that good old fashioned feeling of apocalyptic terror).

With Dual Gates, only the top symbol can remove masks from the board (unless there are three or more masks on the board, and God of the Bloody Tongue is not in play).

The Dark Pharoah- He has two extra toughness and weapon immunity. While he is in play, the monster limit is ignored (this will not cause the Ancient One to potentially awaken unless the terror track is at 10). When he enters play, all investigators’ monster trophies are reanimated and placed on their locations. If he leaves play, the monster limit is restored (remove excess non-mask monsters of your choice from the board to get as close as possible to the normal monster limit).

The Black Man- Whenever he moves, the first player must draw two madness cards or add a doom token to the doom track. Investigators who draw these madness cards can not be retired. He must move when he comes into play, even if his movement symbol is not shown. He moves like a Fast Stalker. When he leaves play, replace him with a random mask (an investigator in the new mask’s location, must immediately evade or enter combat with it).

The Bloated Woman- When she enters play each investigator loses two stamina and two sanity. While she is in play will checks have an additional -1 penalty (this includes horror checks) and all sanity damage is increased by 1. An investigator who defeats her in combat is Cursed.

Haunter of the Dark- It has +1 toughness and physical and magical immunity. While in play, flying monsters treat unstable locations as adjacent to the sky, are not counted against the monster limit, and if they are in or are placed in the outskirts, they go directly to the Sky instead. When it leaves play, all flying monsters in play are returned to the monster cup.

God of the Bloody Tongue- It has weapon immunity. While it is in play monsters can not be returned to the cup by closing gates with their dimensional symbol and red, black, and purple bordered monsters move toward the nearest investigator (following yellow lines like an investigator could) with the lowest Sneak (first player’s choice when nearness and sneak are tied).

Wailing Writher- It has +2 toughness. While it is in play, investigators must fight or evade an unmodified copy of Wailing Writher before attempting to seal a gate by means of clue or power tokens. If you declare you are intending to attempt to seal a gate, fight or evade a Wailing Writher copy before rolling against the gate modifier. Unmodified copies of Wailing Writher can not be modified by any game effects and defeating or evading them has no effect beyond ending or avoiding combat.

Shugeron- He has +2 toughness. While he is in play, all streets are treated as aquatic locations and black bordered and yellow bordered monsters move as orange bordered monsters instead.

Skinless One- He has +1 toughness. While he is in play, whenever an investigator is devoured, raise the terror level by one. Also, all monsters move twice, and yellow bordered monsters are treated as black bordered monsters.

The Beast- It has +1 toughness. While it is in play, all other monsters gain +2 toughness, except as monster trophies.

The Shadowy Figure- When he comes into play, remove one Elder Sign token from the board, and investigators in Arkham lose all their clues.

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