Monday, August 5, 2013

Bonus Content II

Due to high demand (1.5 people), I bring you a difficulty level fit for an Elder God. For Scenario 16, the Demi-Gods variant is in the first Bonus Content. These rules are added to or override general scenario rules and specific rules. Read, play, sweat blood, and conquer the cosmos, if you can.


General Rules Revisions:

Only two investigators may carry over items or trophies between scenarios. If you are defeated by a scenario, you may restart it with two investigators beginning with an extra random common item during the beginning of the game. But should you?

Sister Mary: she automatically fails her personal story when the Doom Track reaches four. If she passes it, it only allows her to reroll dice for herself. If she is devoured before the doom track is at 6, you lose.

Scenario Revisions:

Scenario 1: Investigators who take stamina damage from any vampire are devoured at the end of the mythos phase. When the Doom Track reaches five, place a random vampire from the monster cup on each open gate.

Scenario 2: Undead monsters are treated as spawn, but can be in the cup and return to the cup if defeated. If placed in the Outskirts, place them in the graveyard instead. Whenever a new gate opens, place a random undead monster in the graveyard. Whenever there is a gate surge, after drawing the normal amount of monsters, draw and place two extra undead monsters in the graveyard. Ghosts are flying instead of stationary.

Scenario 3: The scenario rules provide witches 3 extra toughness instead of 1. Jacqueline may not take visions as a starting item. Before you make a combat check against a Cultist, you must discard two items or automatically fail. For Night Nuzzling, each time you roll a 1-2 place a random Cultist from the cup at the Witch House. Treat Cultists as spawn that can be in the cup and return to the cup if defeated. If they are placed in the Outskirts, place them in the Witch House instead.  Witches can not be taken as trophies (return them to the monster cup instead in cases where they would be) and Flute of the Outer Gods and Blue Watcher of the Pyramid have no effect on them.

Scenario 4: Wendy Adams’ Elder Sign can not prevent her from being cursed by Death. From the beginning of the third mythos phase (counting the one at the start of the game), whenever a new gate opens, an extra monster, a randomly drawn Cultist, is placed on the gate. If a Cultist is ever placed in the Outskirts, place it in the Woods instead.

Scenario 5: Zoey treats monsters as if they have two less toughness during combat instead of three. She does not begin the game with Visions. The Darkness begins with 4 doom tokens instead of 2. Jacqueline fine is a required investigator. She begins the game with three green corruptions.

Scenario 6: The Dark Druid gains an extra 3 toughness. Serpent People and red bordered monsters also move like stalkers if there are investigators adjacent to them during any of their movements. Gates at the Woods can not be sealed.

Scenario 7: No Cultists may be taken as trophies (if they are defeated, return them to the cup). Treat them as spawn monsters. From the beginning of the third mythos phase, whenever a new gate opens, first draw an extra random cultist to put on it (this extra Cultist at the new gate is a stationary monster).

Scenario 8: When the doom track reaches 5, each investigator in Arkham rolls a die and on a failure, a random rat-thing is drawn and placed on them; investigators in Other Worlds roll a die and on a failure lose all their items.

Scenario 9: Whenever the doom track reaches an even number (i.e. 2, 4, 6… etc.) roll a die. On a 1-3 place two randomly drawn Cultists and a randomly drawn Lloigor or Cthonian (whichever is drawn first) onto The Black Cave, on a 4-5 there is a monster surge that takes place at the most recently opened gate, on a 6, all investigators immediately have their stamina reduced to zero, and must draw an extra injury in addition to the normal penalties for going unconscious. Monsters move during the first mythos phase.

Scenario 10: The Dark Druid is placed at the Woods at the start of the game instead of at doom track 6. When the doom track reaches six, place a random Dark Young or Dark Young copy on every gate and fill the Dunwich Horror track. When Dark Young (and their copies) move by having their movement symbol drawn, they move as stalkers (first move them on the black arrow, then move them according to their movement symbol). The Dark Druid does not activate Dunwich Horror’s special movement. Elder Signs do not remove doom tokens from the doom track.

Scenario 11: The three starting Cultists must not be placed on an expansion board or the same location (if their mythos card shows a location on an expansion card or the same location, draw a different one). Cultists count as spawn monsters, can not be removed from the board except by combat or vortexes, and can not be moved by investigators (e.g. Migo Brain Case). Mark the initial three with a token, other Cultists will only raise the terror level when defeated on a roll of 1-2. When the terror level rises to an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), the extra mythos cards drawn to place location corruptions are also played in full. Outside of drawing starting equipment, whenever an investigator draws a tome, roll a die, on a 1-3 and also raise the terror level by one. Use the Revised Curse of the Dark Pharoah version of Wanted (it can never be removed from the game).

Scenario 12: Whenever an investigator attempts to close a gate, a random monster appears that must be fought or evaded first (it does not remain on the board if evaded or if it defeats the investigator). If you are on a turn where you can potentially seal or close your final gate, investigators with explored markers may take their Arkham Encounters phase in any order (even before or after other investigators).  When an investigator attempts to close or seal the last gate, four random monsters appear. Draw and fight or evade them one at a time (do not draw all of them simultaneously and choose the order).  If knocked unconscious, devoured, or driven insane, the final gate does not close or seal.

Scenario 13: Mandy may only use her special ability by first paying two clues. Darrell may only use his by first paying one clue. Investigators who are devoured in this scenario may not be selected or drawn during the next scenario. After an investigator passes a combat check against a mask or the Black Man’s luck check, roll a die, on a 1, that investigator is devoured.

Scenario 14: Mandy and Darrell may not be selected as start of game investigators. Lily begins the game cursed. Whenever an investigator is cursed, immediately draw two random Cultists and place them in the Sky. Investigators can not retire. Treat all Cultist monsters as exact copies of the Haunter of the Dark, except exhibit items can not be drawn for defeating them, and if they are defeated in combat, return them to the monster cup. Cultists are endless spawn. If there are multiple Haunters of the Dark on an investigator and they make the investigator insane or unconscious, do not move the investigator to the Asylum or Hospital. If the investigator went insane, the investigator draws insanity cards equal to the number of Haunters of the Dark on its location, if it is unconscious, draw injury cards equal to the number of Haunters of the Dark on its location. Then the investigator’s sanity and stamina are raised or reduced to three each and it is the next investigator’s movement phase. Whenever an investigator defeats a Haunter in the Dark, each other investigator must evade or fight a copy of Haunter in the Dark (unlike copies on the board this is not affected by the environment or rumors, and it does not remain on the board).

Scenario 15: Investigators with doom tokens must draw four madnesses and two injuries to attempt to remove their doom tokens. The God of the Bloody Tongue is always on the Witch House and can never be removed from there. It does not count against the monster limit. It never moves. If an investigator defeats it in combat, it stays where it is and the investigator’s movement phase ends.

Scenario 16: Mandy’s reroll ability functions as it normally would (and does not reduce her sanity). Add the Demi-Gods variant. When the Doom track reaches 4 and 7, place a random monster on every gate. When the doom track is at 6, add a random Cultist to every open gate and reduce all investigators maximum sanity by one. Ignore the monster limit for these three placements. Having the Wailing Writher in play has a different effect from its normal Demi-God effect, instead of placing an additional Wailing Writer copy on gates, investigators who wish to roll to close gates must first reduce their maximum sanity and stamina by one and lose one stamina and sanity (these losses take place even if the roll is failed). Do not place masks when the doom track reaches 6 & 11 as the variant normally jrequires. Nyarlathotep’s doom track is 13.

Scenario 17: At the beginning of each mythos phase roll a die, on a 1-4, place a random cultist at Silver Twilight Lodge. If there are no cultists to place, raise the terror level by one instead. If Agnes Baker is devoured, roll a die, on a 1-2, you immediately lose. Cultists have an unmodifiable -1 combat rating against Agnes.

Scenario 18: The doom track begins at two. Monsters in Dunwich do not move until the doom track reaches five. The Dunwich Horror has +2 toughness (not +1). Investigators passing through streets adjacent to The Dunwich Horror who get a 5-6 on their roll, must stop their movement adjacent to The Dunwich Horror instead of being able to leave the street as they intended. The investigator attempting to close or seal the final gate must first fight (and defeat) an unmodified version of The Dunwich Horror (it does not get the +2 toughness, and does not get modified by tokens on the Dunwich Horror track, do not move the actual token from its location on the board, this copy only exists during combat with it and disappears if it is evaded or defeated). If this combat leaves the investigator with not enough resources to close or seal the gate, the next time the closing or sealing is attempted, combat must be done again. An investigator who evades the Dunwich Horror that guards the final gate draws two madness cards.

Scenario 19: All investigators begin the game with only 2 sanity. Before initiating combat with Servitor of the Outer Gods while it is in the Sky, an investigator must fight and defeat 4 randomly drawn flying monsters. The investigator is not allowed to evade any of these monsters. Whenever a new gate opens, place an extra Cultist on it. An investigator wanting to close or seal the final gate must first successfully defeat or evade 4 randomly drawn yellow monsters that are unmodified (i.e. they do not have nightmarish 3). They do not remain on the board.

Scenario 20: Investigators have their maximum sanity and stamina reduced by one. Yellow bordered monsters do not count against the monster limit, if one goes to the Outskirts, instead place it on the gate with the fewest monsters (first player’s choice if a tie). Whenever an investigator moves, or is moved, onto a gate, draw a random yellow bordered monster and place it there (i.e. this happens before going into gates, and after coming out of gates). Before attempting to close a gate, an investigator must engage in four rounds of combat (without Epic Battle cards) with Hastur and not be driven insane (or less, if Hastur’s doom track can be reduced to zero, that also ends combat with him). These battles require one success to remove each doom token. Gates can not be closed or sealed if they have yellow bordered monsters on them. Sealing gates requires six clue tokens instead of five.

Scenario 21: Amanda is a required investigator. Aquatic monsters ignore her and she can not enter combat with Aquatic monsters. At the beginning of each turn, place a randomly drawn aquatic monster on her. Silas gets a -1 statistics bonus against aquatic monsters instead of a +2 bonus even if he is not in an aquatic location. If Silas, Tommy, or Amanda are devoured, or the doom track reaches seven, add Dagon and Hydra as additional heralds. Other investigators who move out of spaces containing these three investigators, or who begin their turn in the same location as them, must pass a will -2 check or lose 2 sanity. These three investigators can not choose to move into a space with another investigator (except each other).

Scenario 22: Investigators who fail a round of combat must discard two trophies instead of one. When the doom track reaches six, place one random aquatic monster on every aquatic location. First place on locations containing investigators, then place on locations that would normally be aquatic, finally, the first player can choose which remaining aquatic locations gain monsters (if there would not be enough aquatic monsters to fill all aquatic spots on the board). If there are four or more aquatic monsters on an investigator, other aquatic monsters will instead move to the investigator with the next lowest (or tied) sneak score if one is (if not, they will move onto the investigator regardless of how many aquatic monsters are on that investigator’s location).

Scenario 23: Once the doom track reaches 2 the first player rolls a die during each mythos phase and draws a madness on a failure. Once the doom track reaches four, whenever an investigator in Arkham defeats Hastur, a random yellow bordered monster from the cup is placed on that investigator’s location (if there are no yellow bordered monsters in the cup, place a random cultist). Once the doom track reaches 6, place three cultists in the sky. An investigator who closes or seals a gate must reduce maximum sanity by one and draw a madness card. An investigator who attempts to close or seal the final gate must defeat a randomly drawn yellow bordered monster if any remain in the cup, then a randomly drawn cultist, then defeat Hastur in combat (as if drawn by a dual color card; however, he does not use any sinister plot cards at the beginning of this combat).

Scenario 24: Sister Mary’s being devoured does not end the game. The game begins with a doom token on the doom track. The Thing in the Rifts is an additional herald. Treat it as you would an extra Janus herald. No game effects can remove doom tokens from the doom track (if a card has additional effects beyond doom token removal, they still take place). When the doom track reaches six, immediately raise the doom track by one; however, when the Gate at Strange High House opens, do *not* add additional doom tokens.

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