Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scenario Twelve

Web of Fate

            The monstrosity had corrupted Sadie’s body then malformed her minions in his monstrous image.  His infestation possessed the town, but they had driven it back by destroying its host.  How Sadie had gained access to the collection of exotic and obscene pornography that led to her possession remained a mystery save for one clue, the report of the masked stranger.

            Y’golonac had howled his rage as they pursued his bleeding body, endlessly shooting and stabbing it. One of his enormous hands toppled a wall of bookshelves, scattering the priceless volumes on the floor.  The books all opened and his massive bulk began tearing apart and being sucked into them.  His mouths sneered and snarled before they were gone entirely into the books, “I will not have this world, but she will.  Your struggles and deaths are in all vain.  And if not her, another.  You shall find no escape.  No victory.”

            Mary involuntarily shook at the memory of his words and the nightmare memory of his touch.  The Apocalypse again seemed at hand.  Another vortex had opened in the Heavens.  A dark blot that turned the sky around it blood red, through it could be seen another galaxy, strange stars, suns, moons, and one great planet that somehow hovered but a few hundred feet above the Earth.  With the amorphousness of a dream, the planet seemed to shift its shape and nature every moment. 

A speck fell from the planet, growing larger and larger, until it could be seen, a giant spider, hovering over the Earth, laughing with the voice of Hecate.   It sprayed its eggs like asteroids into the street.  They smashed through buildings, walls, trees, and anyone unfortunate to be beneath them.  Sticky steel strong strands fell down from the sky, Leng Spiders diving from them to the ground. They began to spread their webs through the city and springing and pouncing made its inhabitants their prey. 



            “Greetings Gloria.”  The tall gaunt man momentarily looked up from his desk, but continued writing. “Why are you so distant from your friends?  They might have found your assistance timely.  Certainly more timely than this intrusion on my work.”

            “Why are you doing this?  I know who you are!  You’re not a bad man!”

            “In an infinity of universes, is it unreasonable to think I might be in one of them?  And be realistic, as a modern woman, you ought to be educated enough to be beyond these superstitions of good and evil.  Besides, someone ought to write the last story.  Someone blessed with the vision of the Gods.  It is not for eternal glory, but certainly the activity has intrinsic aesthetic worth.  You should understand.  You have some vision yourself.”

            “You’re helping them!  You’re helping them!  And you’ll gain nothing from it.”

            “Nothing is to be gained, or lost.  Perhaps if you viewed human affairs with the proper perspective you’d find that the sooner the farce of existence ends, the better.  Your anthropocentric parochialism is really just egocentricity in the face of the inconceivable grandeur and magnitude of time and space.  True, I myself am an instrument, though this too is a fact of no significance.”

            “No!  Stop!  Stop!”

            “I will stop when it is time to stop.  You will stop when it is time to stop.  But the proper time has not yet commenced.  There is still some story to tell. You do not yet appreciate my work, work I really must attend to.  Perhaps your visions shall lead you to me again, and we can converse once more before the end.  Don’t attempt to reach for your firearm.  With the stroke of my pen, you shall leave and remember nothing of this little discussion.  More of a monologue actually.”

Custom components can be found here:

Ancient One: Atlach-Nacha
Herald: The Arbiter of Reality
Required Investigators: Sister Mary, Marie Lambeau

Start of Game: All investigators start with a random green corruption card.  Place a Leng Spider on the streets of Easttown, Miskatonic University, and two at Northside.  Upton Pickman can not be drawn as one of the 11 allies, but Professor Armitage must always be, place him on the bottom of the ally deck after it's shuffled.

Special Rules:
If Marie draws grapple, draw another skill and place it on the bottom of the deck.

Leng Spiders are not counted toward the monster limit and can not be taken as trophies or returned to the cup by any means other than combat.  If a Leng spider appears in the Outskirts, it goes to the investigator in Arkham with the lowest sneak (first player’s choice) instead.  If no one is in Arkham, it goes to The Woods.

Investigators moving into locations or streets adjacent to Leng spiders must fight or evade a Leng Spider copy (copies can not get extra toughness).

An investigator knocked unconscious or driven insane by a 4 toughness Leng Spider must draw a Red Corruption or be devoured.

Overwhelming and Nightmarish trigger The Arbiter of Reality’s Failed Combat Check or Failed Horror Check respectively (even if the damage is prevented).

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