Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scenario Sixteen

Divine Ambition 

The Black Man’s death scream stretched to the sky as a hideous shrieking creature emerged from its mouth. The screaming swirled around them. They ran as it tore them apart. They fled to a new Arkham and replaced the dead from that world, but the Wailing Writhers had followed them. Then the town descended into chaos. Even the asylum was no longer safe as one of the creatures hunted its halls, and it allowed none to leave, or so they’d heard. It came and went. It waited for them… Were they the hunters or the hunted? The skinless one still stalked them, and it seemed like all the gates were guarded. The masks were backed by an army of monstrosities. This world was a trap!


The stupid squirming things and their disgusting willfulness… She would pin them to the walls and lick them while her lover peeled off their faces. Her tongue would linger over their sweet blood. She would wear them all, but one above all else, the one that would win His love forever. That beautiful red haired bitch would cover her face, and she would smile like she once did. All would be well again… The stars were soon right. If they could triumph here, they would reign forever as Gods of the night… He would lift her to divinity with Him, reward her millennia of devotion, make her one with Him at last… All His power was pressed out now, and none shall stand against the great Nyarlathotep!


The pieces are set, now the game’s to be played… It’s been such a delight to dance with these hairless bags of limbs and meat and make them dance to my songs. The burning worlds seem most beautiful before being snuffed out. Let them be mine for a while though. And I shall dance laughing to their silly screams before It comes…

How I love to see them fail. Oh, their struggles and pain are as beautiful as a butterfly aflame. What a pity that not even I, a God, can make it last forever. My playthings will be lost… I see that now. But the game shall be played nevertheless. Time should be passed in pleasure before oblivion. Still, could I but possess a fragment of the Key, perhaps I could alter my destiny… If I play the game well, I shall endure beyond Its coming.

Nyarlathotep’s countless faces, stretched across the infinity of universes, all smiled, for he had won an eternity of games.

Custom components can be found here: 

Ancient One: Nyarlathotep
Heralds: Faceless One and The Maskless
Required Investigators: Mandy Thompson

Special Rules:

Start of Game: Place God of the Bloody Tongue on The Asylum.

It can not move or be moved, has +2 toughness and -1 awareness (its copies do not). If it is defeated and returns to the board later, immediately place it back on The Asylum; draw a different monster to place where it would have gone.

Activate Fetch Me My Faces on a roll of 1-2.

Begin placing non-Mask monsters in Arkham after all the Masks have been placed. Ignore the clause on The Faceless One that states “and the number of masks on that board is less than the monster limit.”

Mandy Thompson’s reroll ability can only be used for evade checks. Each time using it, she rolls a die and on a failure lowers her maximum sanity by 1.

Cultists in Arkham can not be collected as trophies, do not count against the monster limit, and go to The Silver Twilight Lodge instead of the Outskirts. If an investigator is retired or devoured, draw and place a Cultist in The Silver Twilight lodge.

A copy of Wailing Wither is on every gate. They can only be removed by combat.  If an investigator defeats one in combat, it reappears in the next investigator’s movement phase. If an investigator is devoured by any Wailing Wither, raise the terror level by 2.

Elder Signs can not be used.
NOTE:Treat the Elder Sign Fragments as copies of Parchment of the Elder Sign.

Join Me causes the first player to be devoured and all other investigators to discard two clues instead of its usual effect.

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