Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scenario Three

Rivalries of the Gods

Madness, it was madness. This time the town was aflame, not just the church.  No one dared to stop the fires as they spread.  The streets swarmed with the freshly risen dead and the humans who vainly tried to flee the doomed town. 

Mary now knew it was no mere nightmare.  The monstrosity, the monstrosities, and that man, that horrible horrible man with the burning eyes.  He said he would be made one with it through the Union of Janus, but he would be the master, and it the slave.  That if he could not bring it to him, he would go to it, to master the darkness of death.  That thing he called a God, Glaaki.  He swore to destroy them for interfering.  She did not understand the strange blasphemies he gloatingly shouted after her, as they fled.  This couldn’t be the resurrection, it was not meant to be like this.

They fled to a new world, promising to meet again, ready to battle whatever evil was emerging there.  Jacqueline blankly stared with her vacant eyes into the air, blind to all but her vision of despair.  Her terror was palpable.

            Norman tried to explain what she had seen, for he had seen the thing as well, the absence of a thing.  In his travels through the Other Worlds it loomed immensely above him, like a malevolent galaxy teeming with shadowy creatures draped in darkness.  The regions beyond life, oozing through the gateways between all dimensions.  Forcing them wider so the greater nightmares could pass through.  An infinite army spreading outwards.  Yet this darkness was a mere drop of something greater, a greater darkness.  A speck of dust fallen from the Abyss.  An intergalactic plague that had just began to fester.

Professor Withers trembled violently from the memory, though his sight of the darkness was infinitesimal compared to Jacqueline’s.  He wished he had brought some whiskey with him through their travels.  Prohibition be damned.

            Gloria Goldberg held her tongue.  She would be silent until she better understood her situation.  She had been asked for her opinions, but she would not give them.  Her visions were one thing, but her thoughts another.  She felt like powerful entities were tearing at them from so many directions, but her vision was too weak to penetrate the mystery of their identities.  However, it was not her gift, but her writer’s instincts— her professional training— that disturbed her the most.  She felt that despite all the chaos and obscurity of recent events, some unseen but malevolent force was controlling them all as pawns in some kind of twisted and convoluted cosmic game that it alone could win.


            Kate Winthrop was a hollowed out shell of a person.  Even as she and Dr. Herbert West were shaping the Key, something from the Key had molded her infinitude into a vessel for a greater being.

The creature known as Hecate stirred and sent her form forth to walk through the world.  The old haunt would do well, old rites and minions would serve.  The Crawling Chaos would cooperate, as ever, though the sinister majesty of Nyarlathotep had his own designs for the cosmos.

She knew of West’s plan to conquer the Gods, and laughed, knowing what he did not, knowing that the little spider would never spin a web capable of containing infinities.

Still, knowing what she knew, she was determined to grasp at the power of the cosmos, for even in the Gods— especially in the Gods— there lives madness.  She called to the Key, and the Key called to her.  West could not control it, no mortal bounded by time, space, and matter could, but a God might.

Custom components can be found here:

Ancient One: Hecate
Herald: Brown Jenkins
Required Investigators: Sister Mary, Jacqueline Fine, and Norman Withers

Special Rules: If you only get one success against The Black Man, you are not devoured, draw 3 corruption instead— gain no clues.

Witches are Endless, and have an extra toughness.  Investigators moving through spaces adjacent to them— or investigators they move adjacent to— must draw a corruption.  When investigators begin combat with them, they must draw the top red corruption.  They can not be removed from the board by closing a circle gate, and are not counted towards the monster limit— if they go to the outskirts, place them on The Witch House instead.

If Hecate awakens, she gains two additional doom tokens for every corruption investigators have.

Start of game: Jacqueline Fine may take Visions instead of a spell as her random possession.  The first mythos card drawn must have a gate on it— ignore the gate location and open a gate to Yuggoth at the Witch House regardless of the gate location shown.  Reshuffle the gate deck afterwards.

Clarification: Norman Wither’s ability can remove corruptions.

Note: If you are using Revised Curse of the Dark Pharoah, use a copy of he original Visions

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