Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scenario Eighteen

The Dark Revelation

The witch fire burnt through her, blasting Nka'ji Ara.  The subterranean temple which housed the ancient horror lay in ruins.  Its sacrificial altars smashed.  Its feeders destroyed.  Agnes grinned in exultation.  She had defeated it.  Her flame dug tunnels beneath its withered flesh.  Its blood boiled, its brains burst, death sprayed from its flesh.  It shrieked in pain.  But…  Still, it laughed!  No!  It can not be!  The inside of creature’s mouth gaped impossibly.  It…  The creature’s death itself a gate!

And between the God's rows of endlessly stretching teeth, the desperate warriors saw worlds within worlds within worlds colliding together and smashing apart.  Labyrinths forming and collapsing between them.  Strange and fearsome creatures crawled along the walls of the infinite mazes, but they too shifted between different forms and nothingness.  No stability in anything.  The twirling cosmos they saw in the creature’s mouth was twisted, tangled, and dying.  And an invisible malevolence far greater than the conductor of the chaos they beheld made the bravest among them shiver.  A nameless horror tore through their hearts, but they knew not why.

And Mary’s flesh burned.  Not from fear…  But…  Something else.  Something within her responded to the voices coming from the gateway.  And then she knew.  The thing within her had summoned Nka'ji Ara to free it.  Voices whispered silence in her ears.  She burnt with cold sweat…  Black sweat…  Her clothing dripping with darkness. She began gibbering in an alien language, and the sweat ran from her flesh, flooding from her mouth, thickening to ooze, and choking her in an unending stream of vomit.

Agnes shrieked, “Fools!  Yog-Sothoth was the Key of which you spoke?!  That is Yog-Sothoth imprisoned in the Nun’s own flesh!  Death has summoned Its child, It breaks forth at Its child’s call, and It takes Its child’s formless form!  Flee!  Flee!  Before we are all doomed!”

The black ooze streamed through Mary’s flesh.  Eyes on tendrils began to grow on the tiny stalks that pierced her skin, yanking their way through her flesh.  They stared at her malevolently while wrenching themselves out of her.  The tendrils slithered together into a dark coalescing pulp of liquidly blob.

Then it stopped, and Mary, starved for air, gasped like a dying fish on an icy floor. 

The flood’s hideous bubbling features had semi-solidified into a corner.  It loomed and bulked into a great monstrosity, arms, legs, and tentacles sprouting from all its flesh.  More eyes began opening on it.  They looked upon the investigators.  They looked beyond them through all time and space.  Then they all turned upon Mary, and roaring mouths began ripping through the creature’s skin.  The volume of their rage shook rocks loose from the cavern’s ceiling.

Scrambling through the rubble of their victory, they fled, but It did not follow. 

It stayed behind… No longer could It be restrained.  It flexed and burst through the tiny weak enclosure, what were mere walls of earth and stone to It?  It could see the sky again and hungered.  Limbs and tentacles flailing, It slithered through the streets, smashing Its innumerable arms into the tiny domiciles in which the tiny creatures hid.  It tore away the windows, walls, and roofs when needed, but always dragged out screaming sustenance.  To feed.  To grow. 

It would finish freeing Itself later.  It first sought easier prey.  It hungered for the rest of Its still trapped flesh most of all, but It would consume the weak and sluggish creatures surrounding It first.  Once stronger, It could take back what was Its own.  And It would peel open the encaging body just like the shells of brick, wood, and stone, no barriers compared to the infinities of the cosmos It had torn through.  And the hollow thing of black and white that still hid and housed so much of Its flesh would be sweet to devour.  And It would be whole again, and free.

Custom components can be found here:

Expanded Investigator Pool: Leo Anderson, Agnes Baker
Ancient One: Yog-Sothoth
Heralds: Kerathimel
Required Investigators: Agnes Baker, Sister Mary

Special Rules:

The Dunwich Horror begins the game on The Black Cave. It has +1 toughness, an awareness of -1, and in addition to its special movement, it moves like a fast stalker monster on white every mythos phase. It can never be moved from the board or relocated in any way, except by defeating it in combat (which returns it to The Black Cave). Instead of the usual reward for defeating it, an investigator defeating it clears the Dunwich Horror track, draws from the top five cards of the unique item deck, keeps one, and discards the rest. For each token on the Dunwich Horror track the Dunwich Horror gains an additional +1 toughness. Once per game, defeating it also removes one doom token from the doom track.

Investigators moving through a street adjacent to The Dunwich Horror must roll a die, and on a 1-3 draw a madness, injury, or reduce maximum sanity or stamina by one (though never to zero). Investigators with madness or injuries can not retire.

When the doom track reaches three, place one random monster on each unstable location in Dunwich. Blue bordered and yellow bordered monsters in Dunwich move like black bordered monsters instead.

When the doom track reaches seven, The Dunwich Horror adds a doom token on rolls of 2-6 instead.

If Yog-Sothoth awakens, he has 5 extra doom tokens and physical resistance.

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